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10 Powerful Habits of Insanely Successful People

To the jealous, to the unwilling, those who are highly successful are more often than not simply lucky. Truth is, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Those who are truly successful (not talking about lottery winners here) do, in fact, not only work harder than most, but they do a number of other things the masses don’t do as well.

If you want a quick look at the habits (traits) of the insanely successful, you are in the right place.

10 Powerful Habits of Insanely Successful People

Here are ten things that are as common as breathing for the world’s most successful individuals. Enjoy…

They Have GOALS…

There is absolutely no doubt, the most successful people know what they want. They set goals. All sorts of goals. Short-term goals, long-term goals. Maybe more importantly, they have a big-picture “vision” that sets the stage for their goals. They know, long before they ever achieve their success, exactly what it is they are working towards.

They PLAN…

While their goals and their vision will layout their desired destination, it is what goes into the planning that really makes the most successful different. Once their vision is clear, they begin to create their plan, their roadmap. Very little is left to chance for these individuals.


Successful people are well organized. They go to great lengths to minimize the “white noise” that surrounds them while keeping the main thing, the main thing…always front and center. Very little is left to be “remembered” for these high-powered individuals. They respect the limitations of the brain and the unknowns of life and organize, to the best of their ability, accordingly.

They Enjoy ROUTINES…

A big part of the “organizational component” for these types of individuals is their love, their need, for routines! They recognize the power of routines, of putting themselves, consistently, in the best possible position and frame of mind to attack their plan. 


While “routines” are key for highly successful individuals, the ability to adapt, and make changes, to adjust, quickly, is of equal importance. The most successful have an almost uncanny ability to adapt, not just to the surprises that arise along their journey, but to their errors, mistakes, etc as well. When you consider how many “experiences” we have over the course of our lives, this one trait might, in fact, be the most powerful. Being able to recognize the need for change, then make it, as quickly as possible, leads to minimal loss of time and thus, faster success.

They Take Action…

Going hand-in-hand with the ability to adapt is the desire to act! The most successful among us do not suffer from “analysis paralysis”. Quite the contrary in fact. They assess their circumstances and take action quickly. These individuals know there is an absolute power in being able to act, assess, then adjust as quickly, as often as possible. They actually enjoy this process.

They Never Stop LEARNING…

Successful people aren’t just willing to learn, they know they cannot become successful, and more importantly, stay successful, if they do not continue to learn. Their desire to know more, to understand more, sets them apart all by itself. This coupled with their acceptance of how much they still have to learn and how much change will continue to occur, means they embrace continued education….indefinitely, and benefit tremendously from it.

They Make HEALTH a Priority…

Let’s be honest here, irrelevant of one’s level of success, everyone should make their health and wellness a priority. Truth be told, without health, success, at any level, or life in general, will not be enjoyed for very long. The most successful not only want to enjoy their successes, but they also understand that the healthier they are, and stay, the better their minds work as well. A win-win in their minds. Should be in yours too!

They Value TIME…

It has been said that time is money. It has also been said that the wealthiest among us do not measure their wealth in money, but instead in “free” time. In short, successful people do not like to waste time. Time is too valuable to them as they see wasted time as lost freedom or as lost opportunity (money or otherwise).  


Appreciation is key to not only success, but more importantly, to happiness. There is not a single person, at any level of success, who achieved it alone. The most successful know this and do their best to never lose sight of their gratefulness. 

Success is a Habit…

And there you have it. Our top ten common habits of the world’s most successful.

While we are quite sure you could add any number of additional traits to this list, these ten seem to stand out to us as the most powerful, among the most successful.

As with almost anything else that requires change, if you decide to try and take any of these habits to a new level in your own life, we suggest you do so one at a time.

One More Thing…

We think it is extremely important to remember, comparison kills.

Therefore, in our minds, the use of the word success or successful, within our writings, is never meant to draw a comparison between any two individuals, but merely instead, recognize, as society does, the most impactful among us, now and throughout history, as individual examples of just what is possible by a driven, hard-working human being.

Success means different things to different people and goals are, and should be, individual in nature. 

So while the desired outcome between two people might be drastically different, we can all but guarantee the traits needed to “succeed” at reaching any significant goal, will require most, if not all, of the above listed traits.

Maybe most importantly to us is that you remember, at any given time, you can make different decisions, take different actions, and thus, see whole new levels of success.

Now, let’s get to work. You were BORN TO SUCCEED!

Always Remember...

…we would love to hear your thoughts on this, or any other article we write, so please, drop us your comments, ideas, input, and suggestions in the comments below. 

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Now, onward! You only have one life to live, one body to live it take care of it. Progress, not perfection. Good, better, best with your food intake and some form of "movement" daily.  Get your nutritional foundation from food, supplement where necessary, and drink plenty of water.

And, don’t forget, always consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise regiment.

Live a 3D Life...Decisions Determine Destinations!


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