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Vitamin C Serum

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Vitamin C is unquestionably one of the best anti-aging ingredients on the market...

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

  • Hydrates the Skin*
  • Reduces Redness *
  • Enhances Skin Elasticity*
  • Protects from Sun Damage*
  • Promotes Collagen Production*

A SERUM SOLUTION...Although you’re probably getting Vitamin C in your diet, there is, unfortunately, no way to guarantee that it’s going straight to your skin. Using serums and other topical products is the most direct way to ensure the areas of skin you want to see glow actually reap the rewards of Vitamin C.

GREATER CONCENTRATION OF C...3D Labs Nutrition’s Vitamin C for skincare was formulated in serum form because a serum allows higher Vitamin C concentrations that the skin absorbs quickly. Vitamin C serums have the potential to improve skin's appearance by preventing wrinkling and reducing the appearance of hyper-pigmented areas.

Using the GlowMode Vitamin C Serum is this easy...

  1. Wash your face thoroughly and pat dry
  2. Place a small amount of GlowMode Vitamin C Serum on the palm of your hand
  3. With the tip of your finger, place small amounts from your palm to your face and neck
  4. Now simply rub, in rotating motions, with your fingertips, the GlowMode Vitamin C Serum into your skin until completely absorbed

NOTE: Be sure to apply Vitamin C Serum before creams, moisturizers, foundation, or any other makeup.

That's it! Simple as that. Takes seconds! Build these mere seconds into your daily routine and your skin will SHOUT thank you.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease"? This statement, known as a "disclaimer," is required by law (21 U.S.C. 343(r)(6)(C) and 21 CFR 101.93(b)–(d)) when a manufacturer makes a structure/function claim or certain other claims in dietary supplement labeling.

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