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Business Builder's Bonus

3D Labs Nutrition Business Builders Bonus Program

The Business Builder’s Bonus Plan…

As if the 3D Labs customer referrals payouts weren’t good enough, we have something possibly even more EXCITING for our Team Members…

…a Business Builder’s Bonus Plan for all personal “affiliate” referrals.

In short, if, as a 3D Labs Team Member, you introduce someone to our AFFILIATE PROGRAM, you, upon their approval, will receive BONUSES, as a percentage of their monthly sales.

From our perspective, this was THE WAY to create yet another WIN-WIN to ensure not only our growth, but yours as well.

The opportunity for you to be PAID for not only YOUR customer’s purchases, but a bonus for any/all affiliates YOU refer to the 3D Labs Affiliate Program as well, creates a truly residual, two-headed INCOME GENERATING MONSTER for those willing to go to work.

Truly Residual Earnings…

The below payouts are based on the CUMULATIVE total of sales volume from all PERSONAL AFFILIATE REFERRALS.

Bonus Program Payouts…

Level 1: $1-$3000 = 3% Bonus
Level 2: $3001-$10,000 = 5% Bonus
Level 3: $10,001-$30,000 = 7% Bonus
Level 4: $30,000+ = 9% Bonus

The Only Question Left…

Are you business-building ready? If you can do some quick math and you understand the power of “RESIDUAL INCOME“, you should quickly see the benefits of our Business Builder’s Bonus Program.

The chance to not only impact the health and well-being of those you know and love, but also, help a few EARN a little, or a lot, along the way, should be quite exciting.

If you would like to know just what this could mean for your business, or have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact us ASAP.

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