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WheyMode (Chocolate)

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  • Concentrate/Isolate Blend*
  • Enzyme-Assisted for Digestion*
  • Enhances Muscle Building*
  • Aids Recovery*
  • Cold-Pressed, Ultra-Filtered*

A PERFECT WHEY PROTEIN BLEND...Containing 24g of whey concentrates and isolates with only 4g of carbs and a measly 2.5g of fat, this protein blend will not only provide the nutrients you need and want but do so in ratios that can be used by anyone, at any time.

With over 5g of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) per serving, WheyMode is an excellent post-workout and/or meal-replacement protein blend.

THE HIGHEST QUALITY WHEY...Membrane filtration (sometimes called "Cold Pressed Filtration") is a cold temperature processing method that allows for the production of a high-quality whey where the protein remains intact (undenatured). Cold-pressed whey is never treated with chemicals.

This process uses a filter with different pore sizes which allow carbohydrates and minerals in raw whey to pass through, separating out the whey protein. Membrane filtration technology has been around for a very long time and is similar to a home water filter.

It results in a high-quality, high-protein product with a small amount of naturally occurring fat, lactose, and minerals. The micronutrients stay biologically active and the whey tastes as it should, clean with pleasant, native dairy notes. This is the premier whey processing.

EASILY DIGESTED...Cold-pressed, ultra-filtered, and enzyme-assisted, WheyMode will not only mix instantly (no clumps or lumps), with a spoon or quick shake but also goes down smoothly with none of the unwanted, low-quality gaseous aftereffects seen by many protein powders.

The inclusion of enzymes Papain and Protease not only enhance absorption and digestion but also serve to increase protein synthesis as well. Who doesn't want more of their protein supplement being put to use as opposed to simply passing through?

MEETS THE LADIES NEEDS TOO...And ladies, good news, depending on your protein intake and timing, you can make your WheyMode last twice as long with half-scoop servings when needed! No matter what flavor of WheyMode you choose, we are absolutely, positively certain you will fall in love!

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease". This statement, known as a "disclaimer," is required by law (21 U.S.C. 343(r)(6)(C) and 21 CFR 101.93(b)–(d)) when a manufacturer makes a structure/function claim or certain other claims in dietary supplement labeling.

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