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What, Why and How to Use Probiotics

There is no doubt that probiotic supplements have become an integral part of the health and fitness world over the last 10-15 years. Thanks, in part, to the staggering number of research publications that support the claims.

But should YOU take it? After all, we are talking BACTERIA here, right?

What, Why and How to Use Probiotics

It is not surprising that many are skeptical, some even downright hostile, towards these “good bacteria”. The reality is, almost everyone has been taught to see bacteria as a bad word of sorts.

Guess what though. The right bacteria can actually help keep you healthy instead of doing you harm.

Confused? That’s ok. You’re not alone here.

Keep reading as we take a look at some of the fundamentals of probiotics and how they can improve your health and well-being.

What are Probiotics

Did you know the bacteria in your body outnumbers the cells in your body at a 10:1 ratio? Did you know the majority of these bacteria are present in the gut?

If it makes you feel any better, most of them are harmless, however, the right bacteria composition in the gut has actually been linked to several benefits including improved digestion and weight loss.

In other words, Probiotics are a specific type of friendly GOOD BACTERIA that actually provides many health benefits.

Once consumed, probiotics colonize the gut with beneficial bacteria in order to provide support in combating a variety of different health-related issues.

Generally split into groups, with each group having different species and strains of bacteria, different strains of probiotics target different issues. This is why you must opt for the right type of probiotic supplement.

Also, before you move on, we know that the idea of eating bacteria sounds downright gross (only behind eating soggy bread maybe), but you have most likely been doing it all your life.

Ever had yogurt? Yup, made by fermenting bacteria. Kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir are few other examples some may enjoy. So, in other words, relax…no soggy bread requirements here!

It almost a certainty that you are most likely ingesting some levels of probiotics, with or without supplementation, at some level now. Unfortunately, it is near impossible to get the amount of probiotics you likely need from foods alone. At least without overeating from a caloric perspective.

Why Would I Use Probiotics

There are actually a number of reasons you might want to make probiotics a part of your daily ritual. Weight loss, improved digestion, soothing of skin irritations, lower cholesterol levels, support your immune system, and more. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Weight Loss

It is known in the medical world that overweight individuals have a different composition of gut bacteria when compared to lean individuals.

Without getting too deep here, some research even showed “fecal transplants” from lean animals helped obese animals lose weight. This led scientists to speculate that the bacteria in your gut is quite important when it comes to determining your weight.

One study of 210 people with central obesity (excess belly fat), who were given Lactobacillus gasseri (a probiotic) every day. This single change saw them reduce belly fat by 8.5% over just 12 weeks. When they stopped the intake of Lactobacillus gasseri, they gained it back within 4 weeks.

Such studies continue to show the benefits of a healthy gut on weight management. This alone could be a good enough reason for most of the population no?

Improved Digestion

Guess what! The effects of probiotics on the digestive system have been even more widely researched.

Scientists have also concluded that probiotics can assist in combating the effects of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a very common digestive system disorder that affects between 10 – 15% of the US population. Symptoms of IBS include gas, diarrhea, and bloating.

Several studies have also shown that probiotics improve the conditions of those suffering from ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and other inflammatory bowel diseases. Considering the number of individuals suffering from such ailments, there is no wonder probiotics have become mainstream.

In addition to dealing with these unfortunately common issues, there is also strong evidence to indicate that probiotic supplements can provide relief to those suffering from antibiotic-associated diarrhea. This issue is common among those who have been taking antibiotics for longer periods of time. This occurs as the antibiotics kill off the natural bacteria in the gut (that the body needs to function smoothly), which changes the bacteria composition in the gut, allowing harmful bacteria to grow.

Although more research is needed, many experts within the field also believe that probiotic supplements can help fight Helicobacter pylori infections, one of the main causes of stomach cancer and ulcers.

As you can see, probiotics can play a pretty significant role in many of the gut-related issues facing society.

Additional Potential Benefits

While weight management and digestion are potentially huge benefits that could affect the masses, probiotic supplements may also help reduce systemic inflammation, cholesterol levels, anxiety, and even clinical depression.

As you can see, probiotics might very well be a powerful product that very few will want to openly discuss due to the lack of sexiness associated with them.

However, truth be told, less bloating, less inflammation, and a more lean appearance are all appealing to us! Who knows, you might think so too.

If, by chance, you want to read a bit more, here is a good article on the benefits of probiotics, from the Harvard Medical School.

How Should I Use Probiotics

Maybe the best part of this article, the simplicity of adding/including probiotic supplementation into your regiment.

Ready? Take notes now…

Take 1-2 capsules first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything and/or 1-2 capsules at night, right before bed.

That’s it! No more or less thought to properly using probiotics on a daily basis to enhance your health, wellness, and/or weight management throughout life.

3D Labs Nutrition to the Rescue

Just in case you haven’t spent much time here on the 3D Labs Nutrition website, we thought we would make it a point to make you aware…we feel so strongly about probiotics and the importance they play in one’s overall health and wellness, that FloraMode, our probiotic is one of the 3 products that make up our Men’s and Women’s Wellness bundles!

Our FloraMode product not only contains 40 Billion CFU of probiotics but is also formulated with MAKtrek Bi-Pass Technology to increase absorption, via a protective layer around the capsule keeping the probiotics intact while in the stomach. Once the supplement is released from the stomach and onto the digestive tract, the capsule breaks down and releases the probiotic into the body.

This enhanced delivery system ensures maximum uptake and better results.

If you think probiotics can be of benefit to your wellness program, we are quite confident you will find FloraMode a cost-effective solution!

Always Remember…

You only have one life to live, one body to live it in, so take care of it. Progress, not perfection. Good, better, best with your food intake and some form of movement daily. Get your nutritional foundation from food, supplement where necessary, and drink plenty of water. We are here to help so feel free to drop us comments or questions as often as you’d like and always consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise regiment.

Live a 3D life…Decisions Determine Destinations!


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