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What the Hell is Biohacking?

There is a chance you’ve never heard the word “biohacking” before. But, this doesn’t mean that you are not actively doing it, in some form, possibly daily, without even knowing.

In the simplest of explanations, biohacking is the combination of two relatively well-known terms, biology, and hacking, and is nothing more than the attempt to maximize human biology through new or experimental technology, tips, and tools.

For example, many would categorize things like meditation, journaling, cryotherapy, intermittent fasting, high-intensity interval training, and the like as “biohacks”.

While you may very well incorporate some of the above and below examples of biohacking, there are almost certainly many more “hacks” around that you might find beneficial.

Read on, then do a bit more research and see if some of the world’s greatest biohackers haven’t already found new and exciting ways to deal with some of your most pressing dislikes, issues, etc.

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking, in and of itself, is quite a comprehensive concept. There is really no telling what one could eventually label as a biohack or just how many beneficial hacks we will uncover in the near future.

Biohacking is an unstructured and broad word used to describe any action taken to enhance your well-being, from the way you sleep to your nutritional habits, to your coffee, and more.

In essence, one who participates in biohacking is looking for new, more efficient ways to control or manipulate their own biology.

The practice of biohacking, for the serious biohackers, will almost always involve the use of data, technology, tools, scientific methods, and techniques.

The goal of amateur and professional biohackers alike is simple…to find the most effective ways to enhance human health or increase performance and productivity.

Almost all biohacks will seek to accomplish one of these goals.

It is important to note…attempting to find new biohacks can, in fact, be dangerous and should be left to those who can implement rigorous oversight and tracking.

With that said, however, there are dozens of biohacks that are already proving useful and safe that almost anyone could implement in their daily lives.

Examples of Biohacking

Cryotherapy and intermittent fasting are two, not only well-known and proven biohacks, but more importantly, hacks that almost everyone could benefit from.

Another biohack gaining ground on a daily basis within society, BulletProof Coffee, made famous by BulletProof founder, Dave Asprey.

Dave may very well be one of the most notable biohackers the world has seen to date. He’s spent thousands of hours and dollars testing new biohacks with everything from coffee, to supplementation, to stem cells, and ultraviolet light.   Many would say that he takes biohacking to its extreme.

We don’t suggest following Dave’s lead. We will leave the extreme stunts to individuals such as he and Tim Ferriss for now.

With that said, there is absolutely no reason you couldn’t include proven “biohacks” such as meditation, journaling, sunlight exposure, breathing exercises, HIIT training, cold therapy, supplementation, gratitude training, nature sounds, aromatherapy, nootropics and others.

The truth is, it appears as though biohacking is becoming more and more popular as the world becomes more and more stressed.

New hacks are constantly arising and more and more individuals are working hard to find ways to help society deal with the ever-changing world we live in.

It goes without saying, most of us would welcome just about anything we can find to help us increase our efficiency, health, and productivity while reducing our stress levels.

While we can personally attest to the benefits of almost all of the examples listed above, as individuals, each one of us needs to do our own research and experimenting, and decide which “biohacks” best fits our lifestyle and needs.

If nothing else, you should now know, biohacking is real and there are exciting, simple ways to improve your overall health and well-being.

Our Initial BioHack Suggestion

To Begin with, if you want a really simple, easy to implement, and great-tasting biohack…we strongly suggest you give BulletProof coffee a try first thing in the morning.

BulletProof Coffee

  • brew 8-16oz of coffee
  • add 1 tbsp of ghee butter (found at any grocery store)
  • add 1 tbsp of MCT Oil (we prefer the BrainOctane from BulletProof as it is 100% caprylic acid – C8)
  • blend all ingredients for 15-30 seconds
  • enjoy your coffee

BulletProof coffee not only tastes great (relax about the Ghee “butter” you will love it), it will also do wonders to increase your energy levels, brainpower, and fat-burning, while cutting cravings, making it essential for those who intermittent fast.

Let us know if you give it a try! We have no doubt you will enjoy your new brew and newfound focus too.

Always Remember…

You only have one life to live, one body to live it in…so take care of it. Progress, not perfection.

Good, better, best with your food intake and some form of “movement” daily.

Get your nutritional foundation from food, supplement where necessary, and drink plenty of water.

We are here to help so feel free to drop us comments or questions as often as you’d like…

And, don’t forget, always consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise regiment.

Live a 3D Life…Decisions Determine Destinations!


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