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Some Exciting Benefits of Lemon Water

Do you drink 8-16 ounces of water each morning upon waking? Or, are you one of those tough individuals who ignores this easy, proven health and wellness tip?

Be honest now. We are not criticizing here. (Well, maybe a little.)

But seriously, how much easier a request can one make? Upon waking, drink some water! Come on now!

Some Exciting Benefits of Lemon Water

Ok, ok…we are done. We will hold out hope, even if you don’t immediately move to lemon water each morning after reading this, you will at least, be sure to get your glass of plain ole water in first thing.

With the water rant over, you really, really should consider making 8-10 ounces of lemon water a part of your morning routine.

While we choose to have ours hot (one lemon squeezed into our lemon/ginger tea), you can do it however you’d like. 

It’s Actually Quite Good

We get it…water is quite boring. We all know just how important it is to drink, but it lacks any excitement at all, so obviously, most people turn to far more enticing refreshments.

And, truth be told, if you are anything like us, you may initially frown at the thought of drinking lemon water (yuck…sour, right). But, good news, like most things, when done right, it really can be quite good, and you will actually look forward to it.

Lemons actually adds a nice touch of flavor to the water and since you should be getting 8-16oz of water in first thing in the morning anyway, this is really not a bad option at all.

Our Lemon Water Preparation

As we noted above our preparation preference is simple, tastes great and provides even greater benefit than just lemon alone.

We heat 8-10 ounces of water, throw one of the aforementioned tea bags in, squeeze a single lemon into the mix and let sit for just a few minutes before beginning to sip. That’s all.

In just 1-2 minutes of time you will have added some excellent health benefits to your routine and kicking your day off right. 

The Benefits of Lemon Water

Seriously though, we promise, our suggestions here are not just about flavoring your water, or tricking you into drinking more. There really are some very good benefits to this mix. And, if you’re looking for an extremely easy way to add to your health and wellness rituals, this is certainly one.

Here are some of the reasons we make this part of our daily practice…

Boosts Immunity

We don’t know anyone, especially these days, who would not welcome a boost to their immune system and its function. 

The truth is, we all need to do more to protect and support our immune systems. Eating good, healthy exercise, rest and recovery, taking our supplements, etc, all good options to do so.

Increasing our intake of Vitamin C is definitely at the top of the list. While almost everyone thinks of oranges when they think of Vitamin C, lemon water does this as well.

Balances pH Levels

We are not going to get overly scientific here, but the the pH scale tells us just how acidic or alkaline something is, including our bodies.

Our bodies pH levels are very much determined by the foods we eat, our surroundings, our hydration levels, and more.

The goal, obviously, is to try and maintain pH levels that are healthy. (A normal blood pH level is 7.40 on a scale of 0 to 14, where 0 is the most acidic and 14 is the most basic.)

Unfortunately, so many things are working against this goal these days and can, if not controlled, lead to a condition known as metabolic acidosis.

If your diet happens to be highly acidic, anything you can do to offset such acidity (like lemon water), is a good idea.

Keeps the Liver Clean

Everyone has heard of toxins. We know they are bad. Most of know we are surrounded by them more and more all the time. Therefore, doing anything we can do to help the body rid itself or at least limit these unwanted guests, is a good thing.

A couple of areas within the body that we really want to try and keep clean? The liver and the kidneys. Our organs work very hard to do just this, but they can be easily overwhelmed and consuming lemon water can help.

Lemon water contains citrus bioflavonoids. Studies show these babies do an exceptional job of assisting in the cleaning of the liver specifically. Drink up!


To be blunt, hydration is the key to life. While we can go for extended periods of time without food (fasting), proper hydration is a must.

Considering that the majority of Americans are already walking around in a semi-dehydrated state, we don’t feel it unfair to say…we aren’t doing our jobs well when it comes to taking care of our bodies and minds.

Good news though. Lemon juice is full of electrolytes and potassium, both of which can help to rehydrate your body. See why we think this is a great addition, first thing in the morning, after sleeping all night?

Improves Digestion

Lemon water won’t just help keep the liver clean, it aids in digestion as well, by stimulating the production of bile. Bile is a substance that helps the digestive system break down the food we consume, and thus get the nutrition we need from it.

A healthy digestive system is key to not only proper nutrition, but energy levels, growth, cellular maintenance, and warding off disease as well.

Better Skin

Is there any question just how much money is being spent on skincare products these days? It seems as though everyone is doing anything and everything they can to keep their skin smooth, clear, wrinkle-free and young-looking.

Unfortunately, the majority of the solutions chosen work from the outside in, when in fact, we really should be doing just the opposite. After all, your skin, on so many levels, is in fact a reflection of your overall health and wellness.

If your skin is a priority, you really might want to give this lemon water thing a go. 

Lemons contain anti-oxidants that help prevent damage to your skin. In addition, they also have anti-inflammatory properties and will aid in the production of collagen, which helps to keep our skin smooth and supple.

Supports Weight Loss

Seriously, who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds at some point in their lives. Who doesn’t want to see their natural fat-burning levels elevated? Exactly! No one!

Our metabolism, the chemical processes that help give us the energy we need from the food we eat, unfortunately, slows as we age. While there are a myriad of things we can do to fight this battle, research has shown that the polyphenol antioxidants found in lemons can reduce weight gain.

While there is certainly more research needed into the effects of lemon water on weight loss, just the limited studies’ findings thus far should be reason enough to give the lemons a go.

Always Remember...

…we would love to hear your thoughts on this, or any other article we write, so please, drop us your comments, ideas, input, and suggestions in the comments below. 

And, by all means, if you think anyone in your world might like something we write, use the share buttons below to help us spread the word!

Now, onward! You only have one life to live, one body to live it take care of it. Progress, not perfection. Good, better, best with your food intake and some form of "movement" daily. Get your nutritional foundation from food, supplement where necessary, and drink plenty of water.

And, don’t forget, always consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise regiment.

Live a 3D Life...Decisions Determine Destinations!


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