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Find Freedom Through Scheduling

Life-Changing Freedom Can Truly Be Found Through Stricter Scheduling

Sounds crazy huh? More freedom in your life through the implementation of tighter scheduling? Of course, it does. Just like so many other of today’s “truths” that we once saw as sheer insanity.

Find Freedom Through Scheduling

Remember Steve Jobs's idea for “music in your pocket”…the iPod? Which turned into the iPhone and then the iPad.

Crazy idea wasn’t it? Yup…right up until it became “accepted” and then “expected”.

Now, let’s be clear here…we aren’t suggesting we are Steve Jobs, or that this simple little concept will change the world the way Apple has, but we are pretty darn certain if you implement this “crazy idea” you will see significant increases in not only your freedom but your efficiency and happiness as well.

Pretty big promise yes, but we think it will make sense in just a few minutes.

Tighten Up Your Time

Today, more than ever before in history, our time is under attack. As is our ability to focus. In fact, we might even be able to make a case to argue that society has never been less able to even determine its priorities.

True productivity has been erased by a bill-of-goods being sold as “multitasking”. Sorry, anyone wanting to promote themselves as a “multitasker” wants to make you think they can fly…while, in reality, they are really afraid of heights.

Nobody can effectively MULTITASK when it comes to important tasks. 

If you want to increase your productivity, get more done, get the right things done, and live a life of increased freedom, you need to start doing this one thing right now…


Good news…it takes mere minutes, but you will be amazed at the clarity and freedom providing through a more detailed scheduling process. The decisions it forces you to make, the priorities you must finally set, and inevitably, the power of seeing where your time is actually being spent will prove well worth the few minutes daily that it takes.

Make the Decision

So, if you decide to heed our advice, we will make one suggestion before you dive into the details. Make yourself a promise right now, that you will do this for one week, without fail. No excuses. No missed days.

If you do that, we think you will like the light you see at the end of the time “tunnel”.

Your Necessary Tools

Now that you’ve decided to take control of your time in search of more freedom, there are two “tools” that should become your biggest friends; your calendar and your reminders.

We aren’t going to dive into the argument over using tech or “paper” planners here. That is completely personal, but we could probably give you a dozen reasons why using a modern “device” makes sense, but truly, do what works best for you. Choose whichever you will use indefinitely.

While we may certainly dive deeper into the use of these “tools” in future writings, we will keep this very simple now.

Your “Reminders” app or tool will be where you “collect” everything that needs to be done. Immediately, soon, in the future, someday, etc. Everything! Just collect the ideas, the tasks, the thoughts. Get them out of your head ASAP.

Once tasks have been placed here in this tool of choice, you will have a place to visit and prioritize your day and week from. Think of this tool as your collection waiting to be scheduled.

Now it’s “Calendar” time! Again, simple suggestions. Every night before bed, ponder your collection of reminders as you review tomorrow’s calendar.

One quick note here…we are assuming at this point, you are already using your calendar to schedule your most important things, such as meetings, phone calls, appointments, etc. (If you are not….congrats, you are truly “flying by the seat of your pants”.)

So, with that said, make sure the MUSTS are scheduled appropriately on your calendar for tomorrow. (Probably a good idea to do this every Sunday evening for the week to come, but that’s a whole different post altogether.)

If you can train yourself to see everything you “schedule” on your calendar, including your workouts, reading time, errands, etc as if it were a doctor’s appointment, you will quickly find yourself in much more control of your “time” and wasting far less of it. (Remember the goal here, more freedom through proper scheduling.)

Additionally, by scheduling, your calendar will act as a filter against distractions as well. When you know you have set aside a certain amount of time to accomplish something on your calendar, you can be very good at pleasantly saying no, or not right now when needed.

When you schedule time for tasks in your calendar, you’re literally making time for what YOU have decided you want or need to get done, instead of falling prey to whatever crosses your mind or line of sight at the moment.

When you have your day planned out well, you no longer need to ask yourself: “what should I work on next or what is most important?”  You will know, based on what you have “planned” when you had the time to think it through…last night and/or this morning. It makes a world of difference. You’ll see!

A Quick, But Important Tip

You may think this silly at first, possibly even unnecessary, but by the time you finish reading this post and give it all a try for a week, you will understand this suggestion for sure.

Life happens! Things change! That’s ok…allow your calendar to be a “living” tool that adapts as needed. But, as changes occur, note the changes on your calendar. If something took longer than the time you allotted, change your calendar to show it. If you had to call an audible and move something around, do so on your calendar as well.

Lastly, be sure to add anything that wasn’t planned to your calendar too. You didn’t have lunch plans with a friend scheduled, you didn’t know you were going to end up at the movies with your significant other, but…they happened. Add them! Even if it is after the fact.

Don’t wait too long to add them. You will forget to do so. But add them. Trust us on this…and now go finish this hopefully helpful read to see why.

The Bonus Effect You Didn’t Think Of

Your week is over! You don’t have the slightest clue where all the time went, what you did, didn’t do, what you got accomplished, or even where you were on Monday evening.

Guess what! If you did the above, you now have an exact journal of your week, including when you worked out, who you had dinner with, when you read, who you met with, when you spent time on your side-hustle or hobby, etc.

Not only did you almost certainly find more freedom through scheduling your week, your appointments, your tasks, etc, but now you don’t need to rely on memory to retain your journey.

Imagine, just for a second, if we as adults, could look back over our past and review such detail. We don’t know about you…but oh boy, how we wish we could!

There is something really cool about being able to look back at such memories in detail simply because you used a calendar the way you should be using it.

When you add all this together, there is a good chance you are going to be amazed at where and how you spend your time, and then, eventually, begin to make some changes to ensure greater time “freedom” instead of time “debt”.

Remember, time is the one commodity you can never replace. Use it wisely. Now, on your way to a whole new level of freedom through tighter scheduling!

Always Remember…

You only have one life to live, one body to live it in…so take care of it. Progress, not perfection. Good, better, best with your food intake, and some form of “movement” daily. Get your nutritional foundation from food, supplement where necessary, and drink plenty of water. We are here to help so feel free to drop us comments or questions as often as you’d like…and always consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise regiment.

Live a 3D life…Decisions Determine Destinations!


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