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5 Easy, Effective Ways to Make Tomorrow Great

5 Easy, Effective Ways to Make Tomorrow Great

Good news, no matter how today goes or has gone so far, tomorrow is a clean slate. And, even better news, you can do some things, between now and then, to make tomorrow absolutely great.

Let’s be clear here…tomorrow is not a surprise. It never has been, never will be. It is kind of like the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. You always know exactly when it will be.

However, if this is true and unquestionable, (which it is), why are so few people prepared to make the most of the day ahead?

When you think of the cost of the opportunities, and time, lost or wasted, that’s a multi-trillion dollar question right there, isn’t it?

If you are one of those individuals who know they are never really prepared for the day ahead, don’t worry one bit. Our suggestions can be implemented by anyone, at any time, if they simply decide they are ready to do things a bit differently.

So, if, or when, you want to make tomorrow great, run through the below, in order, and watch what happens.

Start Tonight

There is absolutely no doubt, if you want to make the most of tomorrow, you must begin tonight.

Sounds odd? That’s ok! So does “Nutella”, but hey, millions took to that stuff, right?

In all seriousness though, you will actually see that four of the five suggestions we make to help make tomorrow great, will be done TONIGHT.

We have little doubt, you are going to be amazed at how just 15-30 minutes each evening, when properly put to use, can impact tomorrow’s success.

Let’s get to it…

Have a Plan

Preparation is key to tomorrow’s success.  We want to do all we possibly can to make sure when we wake, we are in the best possible position to make the most out of the day.

The goal is to be proactive, as opposed to reactive. To be efficient and productive, not lost, and wasteful. Right?

“Planning is half the battle!” – GI Joe

The best news about properly planning for tomorrow? It takes mere minutes!

In order to give yourself the best chance tomorrow, there are just a few things you need to know before your nighttime slumber.

Just 5 minutes to follow the below steps puts you in a much different place tomorrow morning. Try to do these in the order listed.

Nighttime Success Planning

  • Plan and place your “YOU TIME” on your calendar app (gym, a walk, at-home workout, etc)
  • Place all appointments, calls, meals, and meetings on your calendar
  • Determine tomorrow’s top tasks
  • Plan time, on your calendar app, to tackle those top tasks

One thing you might quickly notice, we are LIVING off the calendar app on our phone here. This is for very good reasons, which will be covered in a future post. Right now we are asking you to trust us!

Using your calendar during this planning will not only force you to think through your day and responsibilities but more importantly, once you have properly blocked everything off, give you a visual of your time and where it is going.

A helpful little tip…overestimate the time needed for the things you place on your calendar. Your calendar is a “living” tool so you can adjust more easily if you finish things earlier rather than spending more time and not having it available.

If you are not someone who has ever utilized your calendar app for much, you might be ready to claim “wasted time” by doing this exercise. We promise it will be exactly the opposite.

“The stricter your schedule, the more freedom you find.” – Jason Horsley

This practice truly makes a world of difference. In time, as you get better at it, you will be amazed at the calm, peace it brings to your daily life as you will know, in advance, what to do and when, as opposed to reacting to your day.

Now, once we can see the day, we can prepare for the day…

Prepare in Advance

You now have a good idea of what tomorrow should look like. With that visual, it now becomes easy to actually prepare for it.

After you have mapped the day ahead out, it is time to stop and think about what will be needed to make the day as efficient and painless as possible.

What do you need ready and waiting when you wake in order to make tomorrow great?

Nighttime Preparation Questions

  • Are you exercising first thing in the morning? Do you have clothes laid out and know what you are doing for a workout?
  • Are you going to the gym after work? Do you have your gym bag ready to go?
  • Do you need to pack lunch for you or the kids?
  • Do you have snacks ready-to-go for your day, so you can avoid the bad decisions when you get the munchies?
  • Do you need to make plans for dinner?
  • Is there anything else, business or personal, that you know you will need tomorrow that you can have ready tonight?

Once you have tackled all these questions and the corresponding prep for any/all of them, it is time to set the stage to actually wake.

Have no fear, this is not where we tell you that you need to wake at 4 am to have a successful day. Instead, our suggestion is really quite painless.

You will wake just 15 minutes earlier than you know you should. Yes, just 15 minutes.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you take our next suggestion to heart, and put it into immediate action, this slightly earlier wake-up call tomorrow morning, won’t cost you a thing.

Important note…WE DO NOT SNOOZE! Ever!

Snoozing is a true and utter waste. Absolutely no benefit to it. Quite the contrary in fact as the chances of you falling back into any level of truly restful sleep in such a short time is almost zero.

Do yourself a huge favor, commit right now, as a part of your evening prep, to a 15-minute earlier wake time and absolutely no snoozing!

Plan, here and now, to wake with a determination to make tomorrow great. Watch what happens!

Now, let’s move on to rest…

Sleep Well

There is little doubt that you do not know, or at least have not heard, just how important it is to get a good night’s sleep.

If, but some small chance, you have not, here are some very good reasons to make sleep a priority.

Now, while some may think, “Seriously, your suggestion is to sleep well?”, the truth is, you have very little chance to make tomorrow a good day, much less a great day if you are not well-rested, ready to go when your feet hit the ground in the morning.

So, yes, it is! And before you go making excuses about how you can’t, or you don’t, or that is “out of your control”, zip it. (We say with love.)

You can absolutely do some things to help you get a more peaceful, restful night of sleep. The question is…will you!

You see, all the planning and preparation in the world will be wasted if both your body and mind are not primed, ready, and excited to attack the day tomorrow morning. Therefore, we must get a good night’s rest tonight.

While working towards a good night’s sleep is not rocket science, there are absolutely things and ways that have been scientifically proven to be of benefit.

Unfortunately, the problem for most is an unwillingness to break some bad nighttime habits.

We can’t force you to make changes, but if you are serious about getting the most out of your days, some relatively simple changes to the way you spend your last 30-60 minutes before bed, can make a big difference.

Do yourself a favor, try your very best to turn off the computer and TV about an hour before bed.

Do the same with the phones and tablets too. Our only exception here, if you are one who “reads” for pleasure before bed.

While reading before bed can do wonders for better sleep, there are some “rules” that you must apply if you want the benefit and not the adverse effects on your sleep.

Nighttime Reading Rules

  • Read fiction only
  • If you use a phone or tablet, be sure to use the NightMode settings to dim your screen appropriately
  • Do not use this reading time for the News
  • Do not use this reading time for social media

If you can follow these rules and properly “read yourself to sleep”, you will rest better…GUARANTEED!

A quick note for those who may not choose to read at night, but would love some sleep assistance, try some “sleep music or sleep sounds”. (We personally LOVE ocean waves.)

You can find a myriad of free apps for such sounds or simply stream from your favorite music app of choice.

Lastly, here on the sleep suggestion, if you are someone looking to really increase your restfulness each night, try to incorporate a “bedtime tea” and/or something like Ashwagandha or DreamMode. They will make a noticeable difference for sure.

No matter what, find some simple, routine ways, that you can make getting a better night’s sleep a part of life. It really is key for your mental and physical energy levels and recovery.

It’s time for tomorrow…

The Morning Routine

Win the morning, win the day! No doubt about it!

Tomorrow is finally here. You have done all you needed to do, last night, to make sure you were at the very least, properly prepared for today. Now, the only remaining question…how will you actually start the day?

You see, as goes your morning, so goes your day. If you wake without a plan in place, there is little doubt you will immediately take on a reactive role to all that is to come.

However, if you know exactly what your first hour or two each morning will look like, without fail, you are being completely proactive. You are in essence, setting the stage for your entire day.

Studies done in 2014 published in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Journal, showed that morning habits and activities matter greatly and can be very beneficial to the rest of the day.

A Sample Morning Routine

  • Wake/Breathe
  • Drink Water/Take Supplements
  • Move/Stretch
  • Shower/Dress
  • Meditate/Read/Listen (educational or motivational)
  • Make BulletProof Coffee
  • Journal (5-Minute Journal)

There is all of about 45 minutes max here in this sample morning routine. (Before you go making fun of any of this routine, know it is ours almost exactly.) 🤔

Seriously though, no matter what your routine looks like, laying it out, in advance, (on your calendar app), will help you create a habit that can, and will, significantly impact each and every day to come.

A quick note here…notice nowhere in the above routine is check email, look at your Messenger, scan social media, read the news, turn on the TV, etc.

This is for good reason!

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING more important in any of those places than YOUR TIME on yourself.

There is no news, no message, no email, and certainly nothing on social media that should get your attention to start the day.

In fact, if any of these things are things you do, even before rolling out of bed, we hate to say it…but there is a problem! Likely a BIG PROBLEM.

You need to heed this advice. If you are doing these things to start your day, you are FAILING YOURSELF.

No question about it. You simply fail to realize or respect the negative impacts of these actions (yet another future post).

We will certainly hold out hope, with your new morning routine, that you nip this in the bud right away and make sure YOU are your very first priority to start your day.


We find it really hard to believe that anyone who truly wants to make the most of their days, and thus their life, cannot do so with just a few small changes.

Of course, we are realistic if nothing, so we do recognize that life will throw in some hurdles from time to time, maybe even daily. But, the fact remains, the better you have planned, the better prepared you are, for the day ahead.  If better prepared, the easier it will be to go over, around, or through hurdles when they arise.

Give yourself the best possible chance to make tomorrow great. Start tonight, and put all five above suggestions to use. You will thank us!

Always Remember…

You only have one life to live, one body to live it in…so take care of it. Progress, not perfection.

Good, better, best with your food intake, and some form of “movement” daily.

Get your nutritional foundation from food, supplement where necessary, and drink plenty of water.

We are here to help so feel free to drop us comments or questions as often as you’d like…

And, don’t forget, always consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise regiment.

Live a 3D Life…Decisions Determine Destinations!

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