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30 Tips to Help You Look, Feel & Perform Better

If you accept that looking, feeling, and performing better requires persistent perseverance, you have a chance to succeed.

If, on the other hand, you think there still may be a magic pill, potion, or powder out there, you are doomed to live in your current (or worse than current) circumstances.

Yes, we know, that is some harsh reality right there! But we promise it comes from the heart, and with the best of intentions.

30 Tips to Help You Look, Feel & Perform Better

You see, health and wellness is a consistent, life-long journey. In other words, a marathon, not a sprint.

In fact, those who attempt to sprint, AKA diet, always do more harm than good in the end.

Don’t be one of them, and if you have been previously…STOP NOW!

If you are ready to do what needs to be done, for years to come, we are ready, willing, and able to help. So, in order to get you started, we thought we would throw together some relatively easy-to-implement tips, to do just that.

30 Tips to Help You Look, Feel & Perform Better

The Mental Side

Decide first! What is it you want to achieve? You have to know this first right? After-all you cannot get where you want to go if you don’t yet know where that actually is.

Set your goal and layout your plan! It is only after you know where you want to go that you can actually map out a plan to get there. Will you Intermittent Fast? How many days will you resistance train per week? Will you do HIIT cardio, steady-state, or both, etc?

Accept this as a life-long journey…starting now! Your mindset matters here.

Be consistent! Forget perfection! Chasing perfection, in any endeavor, much less the way you look, feel, and perform, is a “fool’s errand”. Don’t be foolish.

Stop comparing! You are you, no one else. Do not compare your journey to that of anyone else’s. The backstory is never the same.

Choose your surroundings wisely! Who, what, and where you spend your time can and will, have an impact on your health and well-being. Choose wisely.

Take up meditation! Yes, seriously. There is a very good chance meditation is actually not what you believe it to be. Give it a shot, preferably first thing in the morning, just 3-10 minutes can make a noticeable difference in just one session.

Enjoy the journey! Don’t stress over it. As stated above, perfection is NOT the answer, nor the goal.

Be thankful! Maybe above all else, be appreciative of what you have and who you are. Gratitude sets the tone for so much and if you don’t appreciate the breaths you breathe, you will take far too much for granted along the way…of life.

The Physical Side

Make exercise a priority! Only when you give your workouts the same level of importance as you would a doctor’s appointment or a business meeting, will you be all-in.

Resistance training first! If you want to look, feel, and perform better, in life, for life, resistance training, of some sort, is a requirement.

Work hard, not long! Resistance training sessions should never be more than 45-60 minutes max. Any longer than that means time was wasted and/or proper effort wasn’t applied.

Forget Instagram workouts! Resistance train with a focus on using the largest muscles, with the biggest movements. After all, those little isolation exercises will not be what build the lean muscle you seek or what helps you stand up from your chair when you are 60, 70, or 80 years old.

Use cardio appropriately! A combination of both HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and steady-state cardio is best.

Make muscle-building the top goal! Ladies have no fear, unless you are using drugs, you will not look like a man. Men and women alike, if you want to lose more fat…build more muscle.

The Dietary Side

Go fast! Try intermittent fasting…without fear! (The most convenient, healthy nutritional tip we could ever give.)

Water, water, water! This is key. Shoot for one gallon of water per day (don’t freak, very possible). Water used in shakes, tea, etc counts.

Become BulletProof! Start each morning with a “BulletProof” coffee “coffee, ghee butter, MCT Oil”. Promise, it tastes great and the effects…WOW!

Choose wisely! Make good, better, best choices at each meal. Remember, perfection is NOT required.

Focus here first! Proteins and veggies first, as often as possible. The chance of overeating these are slim, so start here.

Minimize sugar! Society doesn’t have a fat-intake issue, it has a sugar-intake issue. Cut the sweets as quickly, as often as possible.

Limit processed! If you can limit the processed, packaged foods, your body will show you its appreciation almost immediately.

Drink sparingly! No, not the water. Alcohol. We won’t ever tell you to not enjoy your occasional drink of choice, but moderation is key.

The Supplemental Side

Foundation first! If you aren’t getting your Omegas, Multi, and Probiotics in, you aren’t laying the proper foundation. Start here!

Get your sunlight vitamin! Vitamin D3 is important. Don’t skip or skimp, especially if you aren’t getting 15-30 minutes of sunlight per day.

Convenience matters! Use Protein powders and BCAA solutions (capsules or powders) to ensure you never miss a meal/snack and your body is never feeding off your existing muscle for energy.

Go Glutamine! This is the most prominent amino acid in the body. Glutamine has a myriad of benefits, including, immune system function, gut health, muscle growth, and catabolism reduction.

Get workout nutrition right! If all of the above is done, only then should you concern yourself with pre-workout, intra-workout and/or post-workout nutrition.

Boost your brain! All things considered, your brain is second only to your heart in importance. Take care of it! Use a proven nootropic blend to increase mental clarity, energy, focus, and health, as well as, memory and mood.

Supplement to sleep! Rest and recovery are key to overall health and wellness so make sure your sleep is a priority. You have choices when it comes to supplements to help you sleep better. Put them to use.

And there you have it…

Obviously, we could easily make this list 3-4 times longer, but we wanted to drop the basics here without overwhelming anyone.

In case it wasn’t clear, these tips, and their categories were listed in our order of importance.

While some may try to minimize the “mental side” of health and wellness, the reality is, you have NO CHANCE of looking, feeling, and performing better if your head isn’t in the right place.

Always Remember…

You only have one life to live, one body to live it in…so take care of it. Progress, not perfection.

Good, better, best with your food intake, and some form of “movement” daily.

Get your nutritional foundation from food, supplement where necessary, and drink plenty of water.

We are here to help so feel free to drop us comments or questions as often as you’d like…and always consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise regiment.

Live a 3D Life…Decisions Determine Destinations!


  • We are glad you enjoyed Cynthia! And yes, absolutely, PROGRESS not PERFECTION! 💯

    The 3D Labs Support Team on
  • That is really a great article you have. I think you really covered the most important and key elements.

    You are right about forgetting perfection. I know myself, when I was in a mental state that my workout would not be as intense because I was tired, I need to remember that I just need to get moving and do my best – staying consistent is key and so is listening to your body. There are days you need a rest.

    This applies also to newbies who are intimidated to workout. They procrastinate because they do not know what the best workout is. At this point, the important is to do what is available to you and what you think you would like, to just start a consistent routine,even if that means Instagram workouts (that’s my opinion). We all need to start somewhere:) And now with the covid, it is my go to as well because I do not have other equipment to reach my bigger muscles or lift heavy.

    Thank you for the great post!

    Cynthia on

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