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30 Tips to Help You Look, Feel & Perform Better

30 Tips to Help You Look, Feel & Perform Better

If you accept that looking, feeling, and performing better requires persistent perseverance, you have a chance to succeed. If, on the other hand, you think there still may be a magic pill, potion, or powder out there, you are doomed to live in your current (or worse than current) circumstances. Yes, we know, that is […]

10 Reasons to Try Intermittent Fasting

3D Labs Nutrition: 10 Reasons to Try Intermittent Fasting

So, you want to know why you should try intermittent fasting huh? Well, you want to get into those skinny jeans, don’t you? How about less bloating? Better health? Fewer aches and pains? Greater strength and recovery? Any, all of the above? But wait, we know… STOP EATING? Relax. Chill out. It’s really not like […]

5 Benefits of Supplementing with Ashwagandha

3D Labs Nutrition: Benefits of Ashwagandha

Ash what? Ash-Wa-Gan-Dha! Don’t worry, there is no quiz at the end of this article on pronunciation. But… …you might want to read on to learn why this medicinal herb has been used and studies for decades and why it is commonly referred to as the “Indian Ginseng”. Ashwagandha Shows Great Promise Ashwagandha is an […]

Top 5 Benefits of Fenugreek Supplements

3D Labs Nutrition: Fenugreek Supplement Benefits

Fenugreek Supplements…real benefits you should know about! Fenugreek has been around for centuries and used in a myriad of ways, with a number of known benefits. It has gone from an ingredient Indian civilizations put to good use, to an alternative medicine by the Chinese, and is now not only used as a powerful nutritional […]

Top 10 Tips to Manage Weight Series (2 of 10)

3D Labs Nutrition: Weight Management Series

These Bad Boys Make Weight Management More Difficult In the first installment of this series, we covered the importance of water! By now you know just how important it is. Hopefully, due to this importance, over time, water will become your go-to drink of choice! But we are not completely foolish here at the Lab. […]

Top 10 Tips to Manage Weight Series (1 of 10)

3D Labs Nutrition: Top Ten Tips for Weight Management

Everyone is Looking for Top Tips to Manage Their Weight These days, even though we have access to more information and better science than ever before, people are still looking for some magic pill or potion that will alleviate all their weight management issues. While one day, we might very well see such a tool, […]