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$500,000 Worth of Productivity Advice

How to Get More Done in Less Time | Productivity Tips and Tricks

What if we told you there is a way that you, and everyone you know, could increase their productivity exponentially in mere minutes? Would you be intrigued? Remotely interested? Would you laugh if we told you that this productivity tip was over one hundred years old and works today as well, if not better, than […]

What, Why, and How to Use a Daily Multivitamin

What Why and How to Use a Daily Multivitamin Supplement

Did you know that half of all adults in America take a multivitamin and/or mineral supplement daily? Look a little closer and you will find that 70% of those over the age of 65 do. The total cost of this? 12 billion dollars a year! Are these multivitamins really necessary? Are they good for you? […]

12 Ways to Fight the Coronavirus

Fighting the Coronavirus

Are you afraid? Has this COVID-19 pandemic become “real” enough to you, your family, and/or your friends yet? If not, we are very, very sorry to see your complete and utter lack of knowledge and understanding. (For everyone’s sake, we hope you are offended.) If you have come to accept our current reality and this […]

The One Thing Necessary to Achieve a Goal

The One Thing Necessary to Achieve a Goal

Have no fear, this is not going to be some long-winded article about all the deep, mind-numbing brainstorming and emotional things you need to do in order to achieve a goal, any goal. Nope. Not even close! In fact, we are going the completely opposite route. We are cutting out all the BS and we […]

10 Top Reasons to Exercise

10 Top Reasons to Exercise

Just in case you were unaware…we live in the Information Age! Unfortunately, even with all this knowledge available at our fingertips, we just can’t seem to get the majority of society to recognize or understand the important role exercise plays in how we live and how we age. Sure, most people will almost always shy […]

8 Ways to Dominate the Next Year

3D Labs Nutrition: 8 Ways to Dominate the Next Year

We absolutely DESPISE the New Year Resolution concept in its entirety! (How’s that for an intro?) Yes, we may be writing this post just after the New Year, but that does not mean you need a “January 1st” to put these suggestions into play. In fact, quite the contrary. We feel terribly for those who […]

Some Top Health Benefits of Vitamin D

3D Labs Nutrition: Benefits of Vitamin D Supplementation

There are Many Well-Known Benefits of Vitamin D Supplements In today’s world, as science continues to progress, there are some nutritional needs that are unquestionably important. One such essential nutrient is Vitamin D. Known as the “sunlight vitamin”, Vitamin D is not only good for the bones, but has also been shown to help combat […]

8 Intermittent Fasting Health Benefits

3D Labs Nutrition: Intermittent Fasting Health Benefits

Hugh Jackman is one of the Hollywood celebrities with an enviable body, don’t you agree? But let’s be clear, he was not born, nor did he just wake up one morning with a ripped body and veins popping out. Besides spending hours in the gym, he credits his superhero shape to something you may or may […]

3D Labs Nutrition is…LIVE

3D Labs Nutrition: Store Open

Welcome to 3D Labs Nutrition… …where products are driven by Integrity and Results! We are absolutely thrilled you are here! We hope to be given the chance to not only fill your nutritional supplementation needs, but more importantly to educate, inform, and support you on all things fitness and nutrition, for years to come. As you […]