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8 Ways to Burn More Fat Now

3D Labs Nutrition: 8 Ways to Burn More Fat Now

Fat Burning Tips to Make You Lean in No Time You want to burn some unwanted fat off your body, but you read this tip or that tip, gave them a shot and…nothing right! What do you have to do to see change? Information here, information there, information everywhere! Whose tips do you follow? Do […]

5 of the Best Reasons to Choose HIIT for Cardio

5 of the Best Reasons to Choose HIIT Cardio

What if just 12-15 minutes of exercise could keep you burning fat all day long? What if you didn’t even need a gym or equipment? Would you be interested? Any chance? These are not questions meant to tease you. Not at all! In fact, we are well aware that “time” is the second most precious […]

Intensity is More Important Than Time

Intensity is More Important Than Time

We believe, with absolute certainty, that how (intensity) you do something, almost anything, is more important than how long (time) you do it. How effectively you study, is more important than how long you study. How productively you work, is more important than how long you work. How well you sleep, is more important than […]

10 Top Reasons to Exercise

10 Top Reasons to Exercise

Just in case you were unaware…we live in the Information Age! Unfortunately, even with all this knowledge available at our fingertips, we just can’t seem to get the majority of society to recognize or understand the important role exercise plays in how we live and how we age. Sure, most people will almost always shy […]

When Training…Go Long or Go Hard, but Not Both

Resistance Training Effort

Effort Matters Fact…you can work long, or you can work hard, but you cannot do both. At least not effectively or efficiently. One place where this is, without question, true…exercise! While we think this is common sense, we will say it anyway. Your workout routine should be built to match your goals. For example, if […]

Fasted Training Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Fasted Training Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Big Benefits to Fasted Training Oh my goodness no! I could never train fasted! No food in my belly? No way! I would have no energy. My workout would suck. I would lose all my muscle. Oh please. Stop, stop, stop. Enough already! If you haven’t done it, much less for any length of time, […]

Just what are the Benefits of Strength Training

3D Labs Nutrition: Just what are the Benefits of Resistance Training

By now, just about every American adult has heard that resistance or strength training should be a part of their exercise regiment. Unfortunately, not everyone has a real clear picture as to why, or just what the benefits of said training are. To help, we thought “why not take a minute and make this easy […]

Gym Etiquette Made Easy

3D Labs Nutrition: Gym Etiquette Made Easy

Have we really fallen so far as to lose complete sight of simple etiquette when it comes to working out, in a gym, with, or around, one another? Having spent thousands of hours in gyms all over the world over the past 25+ years…it, unfortunately, appears so. Signage doesn’t work and staff appear way too […]

Use Weekends to Wage Your Wellness War

3D Labs Nutrition: Use Weekends to Wage Your Wellness War

“You gotta make it a priority to make your priorities a priority.” – Richie Norton You Must Be Priority #1 Everyone…wants to get “fit”, to be “healthy”! Unfortunately, not everyone makes it a PRIORITY. Not everyone “finds the time”. We all know…everyone wants to look better in their bathing suit, feel better in their own skin, perform […]

7 Key Fitness Recovery Tools

3D Labs Nutrition: Fitness Recovery Tools

Here Are Some Easy to Implement Fitness Recovery Tools Workout done, shake in your belly…great. But guess what…you’re not done! What? Recovery tools for fitness? Are you kidding? Nope. We are not! Sure, you might have done a good job at taxing your body with your training, feeding it with a well-designed post-workout concoction, but […]