The One Thing Necessary to Achieve a Goal

The One Thing Necessary to Achieve a Goal

Have no fear, this is not going to be some long-winded article about all the deep, mind-numbing brainstorming and emotional things you need to do in order to achieve a goal, any goal. Nope. Not even close! In fact, we are going the completely opposite route. We are cutting out all the BS and we […]

5 of the Best Reasons to Choose HIIT for Cardio

5 of the Best Reasons to Choose HIIT Cardio

What if just 12-15 minutes of exercise could keep you burning fat all day long? What if you didn’t even need a gym or equipment? Would you be interested? Any chance? These are not questions meant to tease you. Not at all! In fact, we are well aware that “time” is the second most precious […]

8 Proven Ways to Boost Your Immune System

3D Labs Nutrition: 8 Proven Ways to Boost Your Immune System

A strong immune system will lead to a happy, healthy life! Let’s be honest, some people are really, really lucky, right? They never get sick, not even the slightest cold. Are they really that lucky by birth? If not, what in the world do they know that the masses do not? More brutal honesty now! […]

What, Why and How to Use Probiotics

3D Labs Nutrition: FloraMode Probiotic

There is no doubt that probiotic supplements have become an integral part of the health and fitness world over the last 10-15 years. Thanks, in part, to the staggering number of research publications that support the claims. But should YOU take it? After all, we are talking BACTERIA here, right? It is not surprising that […]

Intensity is More Important Than Time

Intensity is More Important Than Time

We believe, with absolute certainty, that how (intensity) you do something, almost anything, is more important than how long (time) you do it. How effectively you study, is more important than how long you study. How productively you work, is more important than how long you work. How well you sleep, is more important than […]

Today Determines Tomorrow

3D Labs Nutrition: Today Determines Tomorrow

By now, if you have spent any time at all here on our site, you might have picked up on our motto…Decisions Determine Destinations! If you don’t yet know us well… The 3D Labs Nutrition Motto Your CIRCUMSTANCES determine your CHOICES, but your DECISIONS DETERMINE your DESTINATIONS! Read that again before moving on, please! Accepting […]

What, Why and How to Use BCAAs

3D Labs Nutrition: What, Why & How to Use BCAAs

If you are into fitness, at almost any level, it seems as though BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) are just about everywhere these days. There are good reasons for this. BCAAs are three of the nine essential amino acids that cannot be made by the body. Given that BCAAs play a vital role in muscle growth, […]

Exercise for Better Sleep

Exercise for Better Sleep

Do you know anyone who doesn’t want to sleep better? Wake more rested, with more energy, better focus and ready to go? We sure don’t! If there was any chance you needed yet another reason to make exercise a part of your weekly routine, how about all of those things? Yes…exercise for better sleep! “Sleep […]

What, Why and How to Use Glutamine

What, Why and How to Use Glutamine

Whether you are someone who exercises routinely or not, L-Glutamine is an important supplement you might want to consider for overall health and wellness. As the scientific evidence continues to grow, glutamine supplementation becomes more and more popular…for very good reasons. An important amino acid with many functions in the body, it is not only […]

Does Intermittent Fasting Work

3D Labs Nutrition: Does Intermittent Fasting Work

Does this Intermittent Fasting thing really work? This really seems to be one of the most frequently asked questions in the world of fitness and nutrition these days! So, the short answers… Does it work for weight loss? Yes Does it work for gaining muscle tone? Yes Does it work to make you healthier overall? […]